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Raymond and the Rooster and Other Christian Stories for Children – Buy Now

Suggested Ages: 5+

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24 short stories for children in a homeschooled Christian family setting, with interactive questions after each chapter. Themes such as salvation, kindness, sharing, obedience, witnessing, and courage covered. Great for reading to younger children!

Written in 2016

$6.99 – Buy now on the iBooks store

Tried With Fire – Buy Now

Suggested Ages: 12+

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After a tragic separation from her godly family, nineteen-year-old Leah Carson comes to live at her grandparents’ bakery and tries to find God’s purpose for her life there while winning the lost around her. An inspirational fiction story about God’s use of trials to lovingly perfect His children’s lives.

Written in 2017

$6.99 – Buy now on the iBooks store


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