Guard your life — the world is watching. Though men don’t appear to view,

All your inner thoughts and actions, Still they’re closely watching you. 

They have heard your bold profession — You’re a Christian, as you say. 

Now observance will confirm, If you do walk the narrow way.

Actions speak ten volumes louder, Than your words which sound so true. 

Guard your every little movement; Be alert — they’re watching you. 

So be careful in your lifestyle, In each tiny word and deed. 

You may be the only Bible, That your friends will ever read. 

~ Libby Lindblom



A glorious heritage was given to me, By Jesus my Saviour and Friend;

I did none to earn it – ’twas offered for free; I’ll cherish it on to the end. 

Christ gave me a heritage of mercy and truth, From darkness and sin to abstain. 

Oh, what a rich privilege to know from my youth, What others toiled long to obtain! 

My heritage I’ll treasure while God lends me breath; The world shall my soul not entice. 

By God’s wondrous grace, I’ll be faithful till death; My heritage is far beyond price. 

~ Libby Lindblom


More to Come!