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Sequel to Tried With Fire!

Suggested Ages: 12+

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NEW 2020 SEQUEL! Leah Carson, whom you met in Tried With Fire (2017), is soon to become Leah Brown—stepping into a whole new future as she moves to Cleveland, Tennessee with her fiancé and grandfather. Leah and her new husband William excitedly set up their first home, anticipating a cloudless future together. God’s blessings surround them richly as they begin their new life, surrounded by Leah’s sister’s family and a loving church home, filling their days with ministry at the little homeless mission downtown. But all too soon, dark threats surface on the horizon from accusing opponents related to William’s past. Yet again, Leah’s faith will be tested—can she keep on shining God’s love when their family life takes an unexpected twist? Read this gripping story to be kept in suspense, recharge your commitment to loving others, and find your faith plunged and challenged to a greater depth!

Written in 2020

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