God’s Word: my standard!

Your typical children’s story, even classified in the Christian genre, requires rereading, crossing out words, coloring over pictures, or taping pages shut before you can give it to your child. One of my main purposes in publishing Integrity Ebooks is to give families a line of storybooks they can absolutely trust! By listing the values I uphold in my writings, I want you to feel confidence and peace of mind when you hand my stories to your child, knowing you’ll never find anything that would raise question to the principles of the Bible. Rather, you’ll find the following values honored and upheld:

  • God the Father as the Creator of the world; His Son Jesus Christ as our only Saviour Who came to earth, died on the cross, and rose again for our salvation; the Holy Spirit as the witness in our hearts; and all Three in One God, the Trinity
  • Heaven as the eternal destiny for the saved and Hell as the eternal destiny for the unsaved, with our own personal choice of believing in grace through faith being the deciding factor
  • The King James Bible as the absolute, perfect, inspired Word of God, relied upon as the upmost authority
  • Solid Christian homes with one father and one mother in a godly marriage, with children valued as blessings from God, the father leading the home and the mother guiding her children and the house; children honoring their parents; siblings loving to spend time with each other as best friends
  • Modesty, purity, love, kindness, respect, honesty, diligence, nonresistance, forgiveness, and peace modeled in the lives of the characters
  • Clean language, interjections, and expressions
  • Real-life fiction that focuses on actual, everyday struggles and spiritual warfare, not ridiculous fantasy

Another goal for all my stories is to make them enjoyable because if you don’t thoroughly love a story, you’re not going to learn anything from its message! I aim to make all my books teach a moral while holding interest and being full of fun and suspense!